Concept to Completion

One Man's Journey to Learn Swift


Dec 05, 2014

To all of you who signed up for this site or newsletter, I thank you! Obviously, there has been little activity from here and there are far better (and more active) resources for learning how to create apps for OS X and iOS.

The reason for the silence? 2 months after launching this site, I was offered a position with the team at InVision. Although I was very excited about the app I was hoping to build, this opportunity was too good to pass up. And so I accepted the position as the Director of Customer Success and started on Sept. 29th.

For me, this was a great change. My job is to ensure that each customer gets the most from using InVision. And since our customers are designers themselves, I find myself in the enviable position of supporting and enabling the industry I have come to love.

The sad news? Because I’m pouring myself into this position and working slightly more hours each week, there is little time left for side projects. So rather than keep an empty site running and watching people subscribe each week, I will be shutting this blog down. But again, you’re all in good hands with the amazing resources that are available elsewhere. I once again refer everyone to Meng’s great site. You can go to no better place than this page!

Again, thank you for subscribing and all the best as you each seek the finish line of your own apps. Be well!