Concept to Completion

One Man's Journey to Learn Swift


Jul 09, 2014

With a project like this, knowing where to start can be hard. There are so many options. Choose a demo project and jump into Xcode. Read these 10 articles on Swift. Read a book on how to design iOS apps. Sketch!

Personally, I don’t do well with just jumping into code or design. I feel a sense of panic when I do this because I have no grasp of the higher level plan. That probably sounds obvious!

And so the first thing I started on is organizing all the materials I’ve been collecting on the subject. The good news is there are a lot of resources available on designing and developing apps for OS X and iOS. And even for Swift, despite it only being available for a month now. The bad news is that there is so many resources available that, again, it’s hard to know where to start.

If you’re considering jumping into this arena yourself, here are some great places that might be a good first step!

Meng To

Not so much a place, but a person. Meng has written a book, possibly the best book on the subject, plus started a community, and writes a weekly newsletter focused on this area. You can read about each on his site, Design+Code.

I’ve never liked Photoshop and it’s Adobe brethren apps, so Sketch was my design tool of choice. I’ve been using it occasionally this past year and Meng’s book and focus is on this tool. And so his book is the first purchase I made and I expect it will be one of my most oft used resources. He’s currently adding content for Swift as well and it will be free for all who have already purchased the book.

Before purchasing the book, I signed up for the newsletter and received it for a couple of weeks. It’s also a great resource as he shares articles and resources from around the web in each issue. Many of the links I’ll be sharing below I first came across in this newsletter.

If you’re time is limited, Meng’s site can be your one stop shop.

Other Resources





Lists of resources

Truly, this is just a short list of the total material out there. I cannot speak for the quality of each as I have not yet dug in … but these looked to be the best overall content from all the materials I’ve come across. I’ll be keeping this list updated as I find more materials — check out the Resources page from time to time.

The Internet: it’s about learning. If interested, you can follow along my Swift tag on Pinboard. And if you have any additions for the list, lemme know!